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Mixed Reality Collaboration

A collaboration between Work At Play and The Centre for Digital Media to produce a proof of concept of a holographically-enhanced learning experience. An augmented reality tool that uses collaboration as the key to next-generation learning.

The challenge? Combining digitally-render, interactive objects with a real environment to explore the future of collaboration. How do we go from 2D to 3D? Mixed Reality design brings new ways of interactions. Many people have the idea that interacting with spatial UIs means waving your hands but those gestures can cause user fatigue. Some challenges of MR experiences are: fatigue, discomfort and occlusion. I led a team of developers and designers using a human-centred approach that allowed us to understand how collaboration will fit in the lives of people when Augmented and Mixed Reality glassed become mainstream.

Contextual Interviews


Camera Study

Usability Studies


Competitor Analysis

Design Thinking

UI Design

Roadmap Planning 



User Experience Lead, Research, Design, Strategy, Stakeholder Management