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At Walkies I lead a team of two developers and two designers to uncover and explore questions about the future of wearables for kids safety.

We developed a prototype of a wearable device controlled with an iOS app to give parents peace of mind when it comes to children’s safety. A digital innovation of squeaky footwear for kids to help parents keep their kids safe in a fun way. 

While leading this innovation team, I designed and conducted studies to gather insights influencing the product through different iterations, with methods including contextual enquiries, ethnographic fieldwork, semi-structured interviews, surveys, and participatory design workshops. In addition to usability studies.

Results and Outcomes

Our research uncovered several insights and problem to solve, taking the prototype through several iterations. The proof of concept was delivered under 3 months and it was later taken by Walkies Lab for further development through an accelerator program. The project is now named Doki Doki with a product encouraging creative play as it was uncovered during our design research studies.



User Experience, User Research